Welcome to Dent Taxes

Dent Taxes is a division of Dent, Inc., and has been in business since 1986. We are Tax Experts that specialize in Personal and Business Taxes in Greenwich, Connecticut. If you own a business or need help with your state or federal personal taxes, we are the company to come to in the Greenwich area. In addition to helping with your current taxes, we can also review and amend past taxes, saving you money and possibly getting you a credit or refund.
At Dent Taxes, we don't just collect your information and fill out tax forms for you. Anyone can do that with the countless amount of free and cheap tax programs available on the internet today. Instead, we take the time to meet and learn more about you so we can provide you with the best tax strategies in the field for your situation. So if you are looking for a blend of personal attention and expertise, you have come to the right place. Give Dent Taxes a call today at 203-123-5406 for a free initial consultation. Our rates are affordable, we are experienced and we're very friendly!
If you are an investor and interested in investments in middle-market buyouts, corporate carve-outs, emerging growth, mature, industry consolidation, recapitalization, and growth capital investments, you can contact Stephen Dent from his investment website .